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    Medicine, fine arts, Economics and science of warfare – these are the four Upavedas or subsidiary Vedas. Some consider Architecture as fourth upaveda instead of Economics. These are related to the prosperity and completeness of the nation.

    the story of Devayani and Kacha has been chosen. After being defeated by the demons (asuras), the denizens of heaven (devatas) led by Indra approached their preceptor Brihaspati. The divine Guru opined that it was the asuras' mastery over the science of warfare that they won, and that devatas were poor in the study and knowledge of the Upavedas. Brihaspati informs that the Guru of asuras - Shukracharya has even mastered Sanjeevani Vidya (the science of bringing a dead person back to life), and this knowledge must be gained by the devatas. But only the one who can win the heart of Shukracharya’s daughter - Devayani would succeed in this endeavour. Kacha comes forward for this.

    Kacha succeeds in winning over the heart of Devayani in a very short time. The asuras, being jealous, conspire and kill Kacha, and mix the ashes of his body with a drink and offer to Shukracharya. When Devayani learns that Kacha has landed up in Shukracharya’s stomach, she insists that he is brought back to life. But that would mean the death of Shukracharya. So Shukracharya is left with no choice but to teach the Sanjeevani Vidya to Kacha, and then bring him back to life, so that he can come out and bring Shukracharya back to life.

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