Varalakshmi Puja

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    Varalakshmi puja is celebrated on the Friday preceding the full moon in the month of Aadi/Aavani.Generally a fast of 21 days is supposed to be observed and the sacred thread that is tied worshipped for that period.It is a nonbu or a fast accompanied with a vow.
    As requested here are a few tips for the performance of Lakshmi puja.....

    1.Cleaning of your home,entrance and puja murthis,lamp etc should be done the day before.Before sunrise altar must be in readiness.Lakshmi and other devathas arrive just before sunrise and lamps should be lit to welcome them(your altar should be set up and not untidy at that point)
    2.Sprinkle water at your home entrance and draw a kolam with rice flour.
    3.Tie garlands of flowers or mango leaves at your door(these are symbols of Laksmi).At least on these occasions use fresh flowers or mango leaves not plastic garlands.
    2.Smear door frame with tumeric and place kumkum dots.
    3.In a clean space inside your home,draw a lotus kolam with 8 petals symbolising the 8 Lakshmis.
    4.Place murthi,frame,kalasam or your lamp in the middle.
    5.Place offerings eg sakkarai pongal(sweet rice),kozhukattai,payasam etc and keep covered along with fruit milk and coconut,thambulam (betelleaves and nuts)
    6.Offering of sari,blouse piece and comb,mirror,purse etc is optional and according to affordability.
    7.Offer fresh flowers.
    8.Thread or strings should have 8 knots.
    9.Commence puja by placing lamp at entrance kolam,pray to Lakshmi to forgive any inauspicious activity within the home for the past year(arguments,bad treatment of guests,untidiness,oversleeping etc)and ask Her to come and take seat within.Ask her blessings for a happy peaceful life.
    10.After arathi bring lamp into home.(Please who believe Lakshmi will leave the home by taking the lamp outside are superstitious,Lakshmi is the goodness within us,yet its strange that the lamp goes outside for funerals etc.
    11.Now sit for your puja,offer incense,camphor,the food offerings,flowers etc.Chant at least 'Om Srim Varalakshmiyai Namah'108 times.Sing some sings or at least play cd.
    12.Worship the 8 forms of Lakshmi in the 8 knots with petals or kumkum.
    13.Tie the strings,right hand for males and left for females.
    14.Turn arathi of manjal and lime mixed water.
    15.Distribute prasadam.
    16.That evening try to participate in a lamp puja at a nearby temple.

    Please remember eventually Lakshmi is goodness within us,never money!!!!Cultivate goodness!Srim.

    via: Srinivasa Yudhisthira Iyer

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