Vedic mantra to calm down anger

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    Vedic mantra to calm down anger.
    Chanting this mantra 108 times a day can reduce unnecessary anger, this was booned by Kaliyuga to the King named Nal.

    Karkotaksya nagasya
    Karkotaksya nagasya
    Damatyanta nalasya
    Rituparnasya rajashri
    Kirtanam kalinasham. ( Mahabharat )

    The one who reads, hear the story of Nal and Damyanti which was recited by Naradamuni to The Pandavas, that person gets rid from all sins, anger and gains victory.

    Image (Kaliyuga enters Nal, the most Dharmic and handsome king in his time and looses everything in Gambling with his brother, even the Dwaparyuga and kaliyuga takes a form of bird and takes away clothes of Nal, her Sati wife Damyanti gives part of her Saree to cover Nal's body, taking rest in the jungle and Nal is getting prepared to leave her wife alone assuming her father's kingdom is nearby, she shall return to her father's kingdom and not face problems with me in this jungle)

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