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  1. sanjeevan

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    Hi All,

    i am wondering if some one could help me. after i go to the temple i am given vibhuti . for how long am i allowed to keep it as i have alot of vibhuti that has been given to me over the years. am i allowed to dispose of it and if so how do i go about it .

    thank you
  2. Senthil

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    You're allowed to dispose of it if you wish. (Outside in a garden, in fact many people will use it (small amounts) at the roots of seedlings when they plant, as a blessing) Most people use it in their home pujas, or put some on before retiring to bed for the day. It does get stale after awhile, and loses it's fresh scent.
  3. garry420

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    I think u can dispose it anytime even on next day.
    Just dispose it in flowing water or Spread it in farm.....vibhuti is basically ash and would do no harm to water or the lives that dwell in it.
    or you can just dig a hole. Put all the babhoot and plant a tree on top of it. Make sure its a sacred place.
    we personally here give it t0 trees or plants.

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