Was Jesus influenced by Hinduism or was Jesus a Hindu ?

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    Why 'DA VINCI CODE' movie was BANNED in India ? It was biggest blockbuster success movie in rest of the world..just because the Evangelist Christian missionaries in India feared the Christians will lose faith and convert back to Hinduism,,.the movie showed Jesus Christ MARRIED had children and came to India ...can u tell me y the BBC WORLD documentary (short film) endorsed by the Vatican Titled 'lost years of Jesus’ showing the "tomb of the Jesus in Kashmir " and the places he visited in India was BANNED in India ..I can give u a link for that if u want..Only the Indian Christians are hidden from this truth (f JESUS CONVERSION TO HINDUISM)..This Truth is whispered among the elite Christian Scholars and Theologists in rest of the world..This truth is hidden and dusting somewhere in the old Vatican Libraries.


    do u know a fact that all the Indian Christians are converted ones ..i.e. they were HINDUS before father or grandfather or great GF ..

    it is our responsibility of younger generation to enlighten every Christian to convert back to their default religion of Hinduism this is the ultimate weapon to convert back the Christians to main stream Hinduism.


    This is the cave north of Rishikesh in which Sri Isha(Jesus) lived for some time. In the last century both Swami Rama Tirtha and Swami (Papa) Ramdas lived there (at separate times), and had visions of Isha meditating there, though they had no prior knowledge of His having lived there. Another Kashmiri history, theRajatarangini, written in 1148 A.D., says that a great saint named Issana lived at Issabar on the bank of Dal Lake

    Khanyar Rozabal, Srinagar, India the TOMB OF JESUS CHRIST
    Khanyar Rozabal, Srinagar, India the TOMB OF JESUS CHRIST

    The Bengali educator and patriot, Bipin Chandra Pal, published an autobiographical sketch in which he revealed that Vijay Krishna Goswami, a renowned saint of Bengal and a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, told him about spending time in the Aravalli mountains with a group of extraordinary ascetic monk-yogis known as Nath Yogis.
    Khanyar Rozabal, Srinagar, India the TOMB OF JESUS CHRIST 2

    The monks spoke to him about Isha Nath, whom they looked upon as one of the great teachers of their order. When Vijay Krishna expressed interest in this venerable guru, they read his life as recorded in one of their sacred books, theNathanamavali.36 It was the life of Him Whom the Goswami knew as Jesus the Christ! Here is the relevant portion of that book:

    "Isha Natha came to India at the age of fourteen. After this he returned to his own country and began preaching. Soon after, his brutish and materialistic countrymen conspired against him and had him crucified. After crucifixion, or perhaps even before it, Isha Natha entered samadhi by means of yoga.Jesus travelled to India also in his teens & youth to acquaint himself with Indian wisdom in Puri, Varanasi, Rajgriha etc. He also interacted closely with the Shiva-worshipping Nath sect. He is still revered as one of the ancient Nath-Yogis. He was highly supported by King Shalivahan & King Gopananda. Ancient inscriptions in Srinagar have revealed that Jesus was requested by King Gopananda to guide repair of the ancient Shiva Temple atop Gopadri Hill in the city. Vedic thought subscribes to the view that Advents ( Messengers of God) keep appearing from time to time to re-establish the principles of life & growth.

    Jesus never died on the cross. It takes at least forty-eight hours for a person to die on the Jewish cross; and there have been known cases where people have existed almost six days on the cross without dying. Because Jesus was taken down from the cross after only six hours, there is no possibility of his dying on the cross.

    It was a conspiracy between a rich sympathizer of Jesus and Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus as late as possible on Friday -- because on Saturday, Jews stop everything; their Sabbath does not allow any act. By the evening of Friday everything stops.

    The arrangement was that Jesus would be crucified late in the afternoon, so before sunset he would be brought down. He might have been unconscious because so much blood had flowed out of the body, but he was not dead. Then he would be kept in a cave, and before the Sabbath ended and the Jews hung him again, his body would be stolen by his followers. The tomb was found empty, and Jesus was removed from Judea as quickly as possible. As he again became healthy and healed, he moved to India and he lived a long life- in Kashmir.

    It is a coincidence, but a beautiful coincidence, that Moses died in Kashmir and Jesus also died in Kashmir. The graves are ample proof, because those are the only two graves that are not pointing towards Mecca. Mohammedans make their graves with the head pointing towards Mecca, so in the whole world all the graves of Mohammedans point towards Mecca, and Kashmir is Mohammedan.

    These two graves don't point towards Mecca, and the writing on the graves is in Hebrew, which is impossible on a Mohammedan grave -- Hebrew is not their language. The name of Jesus is written exactly as it was pronounced by the Jews, "Joshua." "Jesus" is a Christian conversion of the Jewish name. The grave is certainly of Jesus.

    A family has been taking care of both the graves -- they are very close together in one place, Pahalgam -- and only one family has been taking care of them down the centuries. They are Jews -- they are still Jews .

    Moses had come to Kashmir to find a tribe of Jews who were lost on the way from Egypt to Jerusalem.When he reached Jerusalem his deep concern was the whole tribe that had got lost somewhere in the desert. When his people were established in Jerusalem, he went in search of the lost tribe, and he found the lost tribe established in Kashmir. Kashmiris are basically Jewish -- later on Mohammedans forcibly converted them -- and Moses lived with them and died there.

    Jesus also went to Kashmir, because then it was known that Moses had found the lost tribe there.The doors of Judea were closed -- he would be hanged again -- and the only place where he would find the people who speak the same language, the people who have a same kind of mind, where he would not be a foreigner, was Kashmir. So it was natural for him to go to Kashmir.

    But he had learned his lesson. He had dropped the idea of being the only begotten son of God; otherwise these Jews would crucify him too. He dropped the idea of being a messiah. He lived with his few intimate friends and followers in Pahalgam.

    Pahalgam is named after Jesus, because he used to call himself "the shepherd" -- Pahalgam means "the town of the shepherd."So it was a small colony of Jesus and his friends, surrounding the grave of their forefather and the founder of Judaic tradition.

    But the followers who were left in Judea managed to create the story of resurrection. And there was no way to prove it this way or that. Neither could they produce Jesus -- if he was resurrected then where was he? Nor could the other party prove what had happened. They had put such a big rock on the mouth of the cave that it was impossible for Jesus to have removed it, and there was a Roman soldier on duty twenty-four hours, so there was no possibility of anybody else removing the rock and taking the body.

    But because Pontius Pilate was from the very beginning against crucifying Jesus.... He could see the man was absolutely innocent. He has some crazy ideas, but they are not criminal. And what harm does it do to somebody? If someone thinks he is the only begotten son of God, let him enjoy it. Why disturb him, and why get disturbed? If somebody thinks he is the messiah and he has brought the message of God... if you want to listen, listen; if you don't want to listen, don't listen. But there is no need to crucify the man.

    But Jesus learned his lesson -- learned the hard way. In Kashmir he lived very silently with his group, praying, living peacefully, no longer trying to change the world. And Kashmir was so far away from Judea that in Judea the story of resurrection, amongst the followers of Jesus, became significant.

    So I say a kind of resurrection certainly happened -- it was a conspiracy more than a resurrection. But certainly Jesus did not die on the cross, he did not die in the cave where he was put; he lived long enough.



    Via : NARESH ARYA.

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    You can download PDF of by clicking here -- > Jesus was a Tamil Hindu

    Apart from the above described things I would like to add
    When the entire life of Jesus is studied with a level head and when we study what happened during the time of Emperor Constantine and beyond, it is clear that this story of Jesus is pretty accurate. However, you will find that the "Three wise men" who followed stars to find the baby Jesus would have been Buddhists and that this is consistent with what Buddhist astrologers do when seeking incarnations of Lamas. there are substantial records of "Yesu" studying in a Buddhist monastery in Nepal which equates to the years when Jesus was 14 years old to 29 years old: "The missing years". Jesus returns to Palestine and starts preaching about "turning the other cheek", "loving your enemy" and so many concepts which are familiar to Buddhism but nowhere in the native religion of his land, Judaism. You're spot on with the story of the crucifixion: there's no way that Jesus would have been dead after 6 hours. We can't know if there was any conspiracy which you speak of, but 6 hours of crucifixion would not kill anyone! The evidence is solid that Jesus did return to India and lived in Kashmir but he certainly did continue his ministry. He was not silent and there are plenty of stories of him being highly regarded as a holy man there, which is why he was buried nicely and carvings of his feet were installed. Interestingly there are 2 marks on those feet. They don't mean much until you cross them as they would have been when nailed to a cross, then those marks line up perfectly. So I think we can say that Jesus was probably more Buddhist than Hindu and I would not be so quick to make claims about him being involved with Siva temples which are not able to be substantiated. As for using this knowledge as a means to convert Christians you need to understand that people often take to sentimental paths like Christianity for emotional reasons and justify it with whatever scraps of logic they can pull together later. It is not so easy to "convert" such people and really . . . why bother?
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    Below is my research work

    Famous People who supported the Claims that Jesus was in India before the crucification and he survived crucification

    Louis Jacolliot, 1869

    Louis Jacolliot's book La Bible dans l'Inde, Vie de Iezeus Christna (1869) talks about the Indian influence on Jesus and Christianity thou it does not talk about traveling of Jesus to India.

    Nicolas Notovich, 1887 (Russian war correspondent)

    During the Russian war in 1887 as a war correspondent he claimed something that backed the point of Indian influence

    Levi H. Dowling, 1908 (writer)

    Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ talks about the lost 18 years of Jesus where in he told that Jesus went across India, Tibet, Persia, Assyria, Greece & Egypt

    His work and research was later combined with Ahmadiyya beliefs via Holger Kersten

    Famous People was supported the Claims of life after surviving crucification

    There have been various claims saying that Jesus died in Kashmir which was part of India on those days.
    Just to support the topic i would bring in Islamic view point where in Some interpretations of Hadith talks about the life of Jesus' continuing on earth. Ibn Babawayh (d.991 CE) in Ikhmal ad Din also says that Jesus went to a far country.

    Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, 1899 (founder Ahmadiyya Community)

    He was the founder Ahmadiyya Community among muslims and he said that as per Muhammad the Jesus Christ died in Kashmir at the age of 120 years

    "The Wisdom of Balahvar" a book via David Marshall Lang in 1957 brought in evidences how confusion in diacritical markings in Arabic texts transformed Budhasaf (Buddha-to-be) into Yudasaf, Iodasaph, and then Yuzasaf, and resulted in the Ahmadiyya assertions; also confusing Kashmir and Kushinara, the place of Buddha's death.

    Per Beskow a Swedish scholar in his book Jesus in Kashmir akka Historien om en legend (1981)concluded that Ahmad had misidentified traditions about Gautama Buddha in the Bilawhar wa-Yudasaf legend as being about Jesus.

    Meher Baba, 1925 (Spiritual master)

    as per the spiritual saint Jesus didn't die at cross rather he went into the state of Nirvikalp Samadhi i.e. the I-am-God state without bodily consciousness and on 3rd day he became conscious of his body after which he travelled to India secretly with with some apostles as Bartholomew & Thaddeus.

    After the spiritual work of Jesus Christ was over he left his body which was buried by his Two Apostles in Harvan, at Kan Yar, district of Kashmir
    These claims were further supported and endorsed by many saints like Swamy Abhedananda, Shankaracharya, and many more. Modern day Research via Nicholas Notovitch, Fida Hasnain, Aziz Kashmiri, James Deardoff, Mantoshe Devji and many more also approve it

    Holger Kersten, 1981(German writer)

    Holger Kersten in 1981 he was popularized by the subject in his Christ Lived in India.
    Many other theories claim that Jesus had survived crucification and he married Mary Magdalene and died in rome one such book is Jesus the Man Barbara Thiering which was published in 1992.
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    As far as i know jesus was send to study in india..and moreover his behaviour was that of hindu saint.
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    There is one very interesting article which says jesus never existed..will read and update on same..soon.
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    Lots of people have gone to great lengths to make this connection about Jesus in India. I'm personally not at all sure why it seems so important to them. Maybe he did. Maybe he didn't. Maybe he existed. Maybe he didn't. How can this knowledge be beneficial in any way to the individual soul's spiritual progress?
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    This will benefit society as the missionaries inhumanic activities can be brought to pause with it.
    The amount of atrocities they do against human life is more then a terrorist does.
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    I don't know who he was, He might have been good person, but the followers of Christianity specially these missionaries have laid down nexus of cult and these people are animals when it comes to conversion..
    their lusty eyes are always on poor and needy people seeing them as a prey who they target for conversion..
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    I thought the claim about him was a missionary tactic. Anything to get one foot in the door. I think when the missionary comes to the door, we should just say, "Sorry I don't believe your Christ ever existed." and then politely close the door. It's violence against humanity, not to mention a philosophy that is totally contrary to dharma.
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    Jesus : If you really loved me, you would be happy that I am going to the Father, who is greater than I am.
    Lord krishna : I am seed giving father .
    Conclusion : Lord Krishna is Father of Jesus hence we all must follow Lord Krishna :)

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    I heard many stories about Jesus that he went to India in his childhood also he was the Reincarnation of Krishna....
    some of the similarities in both of them are as follows:
    1. Their birth were attended by angels.
    2. The bible states the jesus and his family fled to Egypt afterwards to escape from King Herod. According to the Christian apocryphal text the family traveled to Maturea,Egypt.Krishna was born in Maturea ,India hundreds of years earlier.
    3. Their missions of Krishna and Jesus were the same - the salvation of humanity.

    The one i believed in is that Jesus abandoned Jerusalem at the age of 13 and set out towards Sind to learn about Buddha.He crossed Punjab and reached Puri Jagannath where he studied the Vedas under Brahmin priests.he spent almost six years in Puri and Rajgirh.Then he went all over Asia and learn about different religions. Also Jesus reached Kashmir,married and settled down as a preacher and prophet.

    Some of the evidence states that not only he spent his youth in India, but he also survived the attempt to crucify him,by Yogic methods,and escaped to India where he lived till his death at the age of 120.
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    Namaste to everyone:

    And with respect to everyone, but I think that by entertaining this Jesus story, we are getting mired in history-centrism and geo-centrism. At best, the proof is plausible. No one can really prove what really happened 2000 years ago. This is the last I read of this and I won't return to this particular topic.

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    Totally concur. When Hindus go on and on about this topic, it just shows the subtle influence Christians have had on us as a group. Even talking negatively about something shows how much it's on your mind.
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    Just found this which concludes as given below.
    ''=JESUS IS HINDU= -proven in science & historical ancient scriptures by many scientist and Swami Abhedananda'' !!! -this is a must read.......

    One of the biggest & unanswered questions in Christianity was ''where was Christ during his teenage and early 20's? ''- the answer is India learning Veda's from our Sadhu's.... !!!

    In 1894, Nicolas Notovitch-a Russian doctor had went exploring India and china looking for answers about Christianity.-While he was claiming a mountain, he fell down and broke his leg.This had caused him to stay longer while recovering and research more(everything in life has a reason, for he had now been able to prove that Christ was in INDIA,Kashmir in Himalayas. !!!

    During his time there, he went to an ancient convent Ashram were he was exploring.One of the sadhu's there had showed him scriptures that state that Jesus was in that ashram for 17 years! (the scrip was in Tibetan language - he then noted this down and have exposed it to the western world on his return however many have criticized him saying that its false claims & he was seeking attention so Nicolas challenged anyone to disprove him and to us science as well .

    Even our very own ‪SWAMI‬ ABHEDANANDA found it hard to believe the authenticity and wanted to see it for himself.- he then went to the Himalayas-Hemis , to look for answers.When SWAMIJI went there to investigate and do a research of his own, he has found ancient scriptures and its translated to and it had 224 verses and it was exactly the same as Nicolas's version. -this had made SWAMIJI certain that Jesus was in India. SWAMIJI even referred to this in hi book ''Kashmir O Tibet''.

    In 1925, another Russian name Roerich arrived at Hemis.
    he not only confirmed this, but he also confirmed & proved that the scriptures were as old as Jesus himself using science.- This proves that it was written while he was living.- hence, he was there in India.

    Many of the teachings in these scriptures in Hemis, once translated in English shows the same teachings in the bible.-THIS proves that it was said and thought by the same person.- I will comment one of the teachings as a comment down as well some quotes from SWAMI VIVIKANANDA and some interesting pics.

    In :::::::::conclusion

    % - Ancient scrolls reveal that Jesus spent seventeen years in India
    learning Veda's, Sloka's, Mantra's and knowledge from sadhu's and
    monks from both Hinduism & Buddhism.
    % -From the age of 13-29, he was both a teacher & learner of Hinduism
    % -The story of his journey to India was documented by Brahman
    % -Some believe that jesus was crucified wearing a dhorthi !!!
    % -He had grown his beard and moustach like the sadhu's.
    % -Its still known to some Christians but is not exposed to all and it will
    never be...
    % -Some refer to Jesus as Sadhu Issa. which is also the name he went by
    in India, Hemis.
    % -The ''Hindu Christ'' -is book that explains most of the untold events of
    % -the name of the ''Father, Son & Holy Ghost''- is the Hindu trimuthi (Brahma, Vishnu &Shiva. !!!
    Now its proven that Jesus himself was a Hindu and a sadhu, which is another reason 2 BE ‪#‎PROUDHINDU‬ .
    we will continue with our Sai miracles during in the weekend....
    Via : Raam Hanumanji
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    I think Hindus who show such interest in this topic should just convert to Christianity and get it over with.
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    Next will the jesus your new God :eek:
    33 crore +1
  17. deafAncient

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    Muslim Boy... Why are you so adamant about converting everyone to Islam? And why do you think that I would take a step back in my spiritual development to access Jesus? It's embarrassing!
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    Unfortunately, DA, many Hindus want to take the same step backwards. And yes, it is embarrassing. Back to the belief that you absolutely need a saviour. Back to a belief that your actual physical body gets recreated into some actual place called heaven. Back to a belief that you can stay in a place where your physical body continues to burn ... forever. For some reason it doesn't even burn up. I can't understand why anyone would believe such nonsense.
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    Many hindus converted into Christianity or Islam daily. Why ?
  20. deafAncient

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    That is because their parents failed to strengthen their children's knowledge about Hinduism, thinking that "Oh, it's okay. All religions are the same." That comes from radical universalism, worked upon by the Christian crusaders of the last few hundred years.

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