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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Levamentum, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. Levamentum

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    Hello everyone,

    I thought I'd write a short introduction. I am quite pleased to have happened upon this forum. I have been a practicing Hindu now for about four years. I have been involved with the religion quite a bit longer, but I did not adopt it until about half a decade ago. I have explored the Hare Krishna movement, but I found it to be too rigid for a religion with such variety of practice; therefore, I consider myself a solitary practitioner. Where I live there are not many temples (rural area in Mid-West USA), and so I do not have a large community to grow, and learn with; hence my joining this forum.

    I started my spiritual journey around 13 years ago when I was 14, and I've tried on many a hat before settling on Hinduism. I was raised atheistic, but I started dabbling in Taoism when I started freshman year of High School. I was attracted to the idea of being at peace with the universe, oneself, and nature. Although I loved Taoism, and I still read it today (why should one limit themselves to spirituality when we are all the same anyway), I found some of the lessons difficult to relate with personally. I enjoy a little more ritual that that religion provided so although it is beautiful I moved on somewhere around senior year of high school.

    I had a friend recommend to me "The Bhagavad Gita As It Is" when I started at university, and that is really when my interest in Hinduism took root. Given, that translation is highly associated with the HK movement (they are wonderful people, but again...just not for me personally) so I have since read other translations to help get a more rounded understanding of that text in particular. It spoke directly to my soul, and to be honest what else could a book like that do other than speak to one on a level much deeper than any other texts?

    I hung around the HK movement for almost seven years before parting ways on favorable terms (I still keep in touch with some HK individuals, and many of them are dear dear friends of mine) to pursue my own interpretation of Hinduism (because if one can not believe in themselves upon who can they rely?). I have since started to practice at home, and have performed some personal rituals I have devised to devote myself to Hinduism (although I have never taken any sort of formal initiation HK or otherwise). I currently am seeking a Guru, and I have a few individuals whom I contact regularly who I am considering; however, that is a long quest that will be completed when the time is ready (put me in the right spot at the right time with the right mindset type of thing, no?) so until then -- and even after I am sure -- I am seeking a community to learn from, share with, and enjoy one another's company.

    I begin Sanskrit lessons this week, and I am very excited at the prospect of reading these texts in the original language (in Devanagari script in particular). I am looking forward to meeting you all, and discussing this beautiful religion/philosophy with like-minded individuals (even not like minded individuals :) I can learn from everyone I have seen in my years).

    Nice to meet everyone :)
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    Welcome to this forum, Levamentum. I hope your stay here is enjoyable, and your search is fruitful. I grew up rural as well, so know the distances to temples and all that. Have you been to the Ganesha temple in Omaha, or is that location just some wild stab in the dark on my part?
  3. Levamentum

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    Thank you for the kind welcome :)

    I have not been to that temple, but I go to Omaha every year to speak at a philosophy conference so perhaps I will swing by next time. I am in Ohio (vague enough I assume for the internet lol), but far enough away from all the major cities (and broke as philosophy does not equal a lot of income) so driving long distances is not on my list of 'to do' regularly. Nice to meet you :)
  4. Senthil

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    I'm sure that temple would be a nice break, then. Boss and I like driving around America finding temples. We're either 2 very long days or 3 normal (8 hours driving) from Omaha though. We rarely miss opportunities to enter Hindu temples.
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    Namaskar and welcome to the forum.
    I hope to see fruitful discussions coming up in this forum ..
    Jai shree krishna
  6. Levamentum

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    Namaste :)<

    I hope so as well. I have read very good things just looking around. Thank you for your welcome Aum.
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