We are what we eat

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    "We are what we eat" - A very apt saying which means that the food that we consume affects our consciousness.

    I want to specifically highlight the consumption of animal meat. No animal can be slaughtered without causing pain to it and hence when it dies, the consciousness of extreme pain and distress stays in the animal meat. Also animals have a lower consciousness than humans. When humans consume these animal meats, the animal consciousness merges with the human consciousne...ss, there by lowering it. If one has to get closer to God, then one has to abstain from animal meat. In Hinduism, animal meat is considered as tamasic, which causes dullness of the mind or rather consciousness. This leads to the state of sleeping mind which prevents the ability to understanding beyond the worldly matters and is restricted in its religious views.

    Many people argue that animal meat is important as it provides protein but I confidently say that vegetarian food contains enough protein for human needs. Animal meat consumption is not a necessity, just like alcohol and related items are not needed and hence should be avoided, specially if you have the intention of becoming spiritual and want to attain higher level consciousness.

    Losing the craving for animal meat is most often a spontaneous process and cannot be forced. One should first have the right intention and frame of mind. Slowly, the craving will reduce as your mind awakens and as you start to vibrate at higher frequency. Once you reach a certain level, the craving will just stop effortlessly. The ignorant argument of food chain or cycle falls flat because humans are the most evolved beings and we are not slave to food instincts. We can choose what to eat and so we need to choose wisely.

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