What are Hinduism's views on homosexuality?

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    Homosexuality is indeed one of the most complex and controversial topics in Hinduism today.

    On one hand, the Manusmriti prohibits Hindus for homosexual acts and on the other hand, the famous Kama Sutra states that homosexuality should be engaged in and should be enjoyed for one's own pleasure.



    The famous Kama Sutra deals in great detail with eroticism, sex, different forms of sex and the different meanings of it. It was written around the 4th century AD and describes customs and social conditions prevalent from about the 4th century BCE. Majority of the erotic sculptures made on Hindu wall temples are depictions of various verses of the Kama Sutra. Lesbianism and male homosexuality has also been talked about in great detail. Specifically, chapter 9 of the Kama Sutra is dedicated to oral sex in general with the major part dealing with this particular activity between men. Interestingly enough Vatsyayana also mentions that some people “marry” (parigraha) members of their own sex and live together either openly or in secret.


    Homosexuality is not mentioned very upfront in the Vedas but there are some interesting references to homo-eroticism. One is from the Kaushitaki Brahmana Upanishad 2:4 of the Rig Veda:—

    “Now then the intense longing of love stimulated by the gods. When one (m) desires to be loved (priya) by a man or a woman or by men and women, he shall offer to the above mentioned gods oblations in the sacred fire”.

    Based on the vedas, one of the temples also shows a rishi performing oral sex on a princely visitor.


    Till date, the word "homosexuality" has not been defined in the Hindu religion. Various words like kliba, ubhaya, napumsaka, or shanda are used to refer to homosexuals or heterosexuals who are sexually incapable.

    In this Hindu religion as a whole, sex revolves around heterosexuality and the concept of love and romance between a couple. Heterosexuality is regarded as the general norm and desirable orientation in Hinduism. The idea of a fruitful marriage remain the ultimate goal and is considered as a mandate for happiness.

    Hinduism does not view homosexuality as a religious sin. A “third gender” has been acknowledged within Hinduism since Vedic times. It is just that the concept of homosexuality is not clearly understood and considered by many in the Hindu religion.

    It can still not be said clearly if "Homosexuality" is accepted or rejected in the Hindu religion.
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    Hinduism has a positive and tolerant view on life, period. I believe any negative attitudes we see on homosexuality are from undue influence from other hate-filled religions.
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    I have no idea about Hinduisms views on homosexuality but I certainly feel that homosexuality can be cured as its part of physical lure mindset.
    I find it quite unnatural but in-completion again is part of this world.
    Being Hindu I wouldn't be harsh on them or try to kill them but i would rather suggest them to try spirituality where the lust of physical body becomes so low that he comes out of the effect of homosexuality.
    I have seen many gays adopting Hinduism and many of them even left it when they became saints.

    We are tolerant to gays but we donot promote homosexuality or gays.

    Note: This is my personal opinion
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    May I suggest these two excellent web sites:




    In them are references to specific scriptures that discuss the full range of these topics. Amara, the owner of these pages, does indeed advocate that while one is gay and is in a relationship, one works on the spiritual aspect of the relationship and works to minimize the sexual aspect of the relationship to the extent possible, just like you said, Ignorant.
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    Can you explain links coz reading books and links is too tiring, I find forums and question answers sites better easy to understand with less technical writing and majority of it are live experiences.
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    As with many things in Hinduism, the nature of sexuality is diverse. Everything as to gender preference is natural, including all ends of the spectrum. Trying to change one's sexual orientation is no different than trying to change one's gender. Do women go around telling men that they should be women, that men are bad, and unnatural? Do men go around trying to convince women to be men?

    The underlying factor in Hindusm is self-control ... not just of lust, but of greed, anger, and a ton of other things. This has nothing to do with sexual orientation.
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    Ignorant, it's very difficult to distill this information in the manner you request. I haven't had a chance to read everything because I'm still editing a 2,000+ page web site and reading two other books. These links are on my to-do list to read. I have over 90 books I want to read in my library. All I can say is, Ancient India understood the issues before us and resolved them. In other words, they were there on this issue LONG before we were, when white people did not have this on their radar on a societal level because they were too mired in barbarism and too busy fighting one another and sleeping with one eye open in case their wives cut their throats.

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