What are our scriptures?

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    As we all know Vedas are our FIRST and the foremost scripture, moola grandha. And nobody knows its origin. It has come down from one Guru to a Sishya, who passed it on to his sishya, and Guru Sishya parampara or chain is established. The Adiguru is thus said to be Narayana or Siva (both being the same). That is why Veda is called Apourusheyam, not created by a human.

    What is this Veda? Veda is like a manual for the human being. When God created the universe and the human being, he also gave out this manual for healthy living. It is like a manual we get from manufacturer when he make a machine or even car or anything. It is supposed to tell how to use the equipment so as to get its maximum use. Similarly when God created man (man includes woman), he gave the Vedas to guide him to get the maximum benefit from the Human birth. Even from worldly angle, the human body is the most complicated and most costly “machine”, given free, cost of each organ transplant will tell us. And don’t we need to heed the manual for its maintenance.

    But since Vedas are in Sanskrit and also difficult to understand, we are blessed with the secondary scriptures like Bhagawath Gita, Brahma Sutras, Bhashyam (commentaries) etc. Adidankara alone wrote many books like Vivekachudamani, Vedanta Sahasri and Bashyam for Bhagawath Gita, ten Upanishads and others. Interestingly there are commentaries and sub sub commentaries for these Bhashyams. and there are many many subsidiary books by other authors which are countless and voluminous and any medium size library of our times cannot accommodate all of them. Until I came to Vedanta I did not know about the existence of such rich treasure of knowledge. Let us try to understand tiny part of it.

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