What are the 3 primary deities associated with Hinduism?

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    This is forum is especially meant for those devotees who really want to devote their time or want to aware about Hinduism. I am also here to aware about Hinduism.

    Hinduism has uncountable deities as Hinduism itself has their sub castes and gods or goddess according to states. But there are 3 primary deities, may I know those.

    Looking forward to get my answer.

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    These days its Vishnu or one of his avatars, Shiva, and Shakti.
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    I would say that there are 4 main deities in hinduism as per my knowledge which are as follows
    • Brahma The creator
    • Vishu The Preserver
    • Shiva The destroyer
    • Shakti The Goddess of power

    Animals that carry them are as follows:
    • Shiva is carried by Nandi(bull)
    • Vishnu is carried by Garuda(Male giant eagle)
    • Brahma is carried by the swan
    • Shakti is carried by the lion and tiger both
  4. Kayoya

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    Hinduism is one of the dominant religions of the universe. It has the three major traditions that are Shaivism, Vaishnavism and Shaktism which are also considered as Shiva, Vishnu and Shakti (which is also known as Devi)

    The three primary deities associated with Hinduism consisted of Shiva, Vishnu and Devi the trimurti of the Hinduism.


    Vishnu is known as the preserver god of the Hindu trimurti. Lord Vishnu is considered as the Supreme Being in the Vaishnavism. The vaishnavism sect is the largest sect among the Hindu sects. There are some other names of the lord Vishnu i.e. narayana, venkateshwara which is normally known in the south side of India and dasavatara which is the ten incarnations of lord Vishnu.


    Shaivism is the oldest tradition among all the hindu sects. This is the hindu sect the worship the lord shiva. Lord shiva is also considered as the Supreme Being in the hindu sects. There are many other names of lord shiva that are Mahadeva, Mahesha, Rudra and Nataraja.

    SHAKTI (also known as the Devi)

    The religious groups of goddess worship are ancient in india. Shaktism is recognized as shakti which means the power that underlies the male principal. The word shakti is derived from the word shaktism, and shakti is also known as the Devi in the Hinduism. The shakti (devi) is the mother goddess. There are some other names too for the Devi which are used in different places of India.

    Durga, bhadrakali (the peaceful form of kali)

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