What are the 4 stages of life as per Hinduism?

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  1. Sheena4

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    Putting it briefly, the four important stages of the life cycle as recognized by Hinduism are:

    i) Brahmacharya- The life as a student
    ii) Grihasta- The housemaker
    iii) Vaanaprasta-The peaceful soul, mediative seeker
    iv) Sanyaasa- The one seeking Moksha

    Anyone having detailed information?
  2. Punit Garg

    Punit Garg New Member

    Bit of correction
    Vanaprastha (retired) and Sannyasa (renunciation).
    Details not known
  3. Senthil

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    Sometimes the sannyas stage is confused with taking sannyas vows. Taking sannyas vows is a lifetime vow at an early age to take the path of a sannyasin, or lifetime monk. Only other sannyasins can initiate a person into the sannyasin life. So we have two paths, the sannyasin path, and the householder path. Traditionally the approximate ages for the 4 stages are birth-24, 25-48, 49-72, 1nd 72 onward. Those in the grihastha stage supports the other 3.

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