What are the basic principles of Christianity Islam and Hinduism?

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  1. Sumer Ouzts

    Sumer Ouzts New Member

    Christianity, Islam and Hindu are one of the three major religions around the world.
    By nature Christianity and Islam are bit on same side where as Hinduism might be bit different . Can anyone guide me the basic prinicples of christianity islam and Hinduism keeping these points in mind:
    1. Women in Hinduism, Islam and Christianity
    2. God in Hinduism, Islam and Christianity
    3. Holy Books in Hinduism, Islam and Christianity
    4. Goal of life in Hinduism, Islam and Christianity
    5. Prophets in Hinduism, Islam and Christianity

    It would be interesting to know about them. waiting for answers :)

    Thank you
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  2. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    I know nothing about Christianity or Islam. In my daily life, they might as well not exist. So I can only answer for Hinduism.

    1. Women are treated with utmost respect. All women are your Mothers and sisters.
    2. God has form AND is formless, and very close to man. God is not separate from man.
    3. The Vedas, Agamas, Puranas, and more.
    4. Moksha, but Artham Dharma , and Kama are also goals.
    5. What is a prophet?
  3. garry420

    garry420 Well-Known Member

    The answers to your questions are as below :

    • Women in Hinduism : Incarnation of Goddess
    • Women in Islam : sex and baby giving machines
    • Women in Christianity : By birth sinner's and Jesus died for their sins

    1. God in Hinduism : Form and formless Both
    2. God in Islam : Formless and doesn't have capacity to get form
    3. God in Christianity : Jesus but in bible it says that there is father who guide jesus

    • Holy Books in Hinduism : Many sects hence everyone has different holy books, veda's are considered to be supreme but no boundation of books in sanatana dharma
    • Holy Books in Islam : Quran
    • Holy Books in Christianity : Bible

    1. Goal of life in Hinduism : No physical lure hence liberation of life and birth cycle
    2. Goal of life in Islam : Heaven with virgins
    3. Goal of life in Christianity : Heaven

    • Prophets in Hinduism : No Prophets
    • Prophets in Islam : Many last was Mohammad
    • Prophets in Christianity : Jesus was lone sailor of Christianity
    I hope all of your questions are answered

    Note: These are my personal opinions
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  4. Yehesqel

    Yehesqel New Member

    While mostly your response was correct your Christian view I found to be a little off.

    *Women: in the early stages they were treated somewhere between what you described for Christians and Muslims but recent Christians have discovered though there are many misogynistic passages in the bible women still should be treated with equal respect as men.
    *Prophets: Jesus was not the lone sailor of Christianity as Christians also accept Jewish prophets as their own, plus other Prophets that came after Jesus however these later prophets are treated with less respect than the ones before Jesus they're still regarded as being especially close to God.
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  5. garry420

    garry420 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for information. :)
  6. Aki Isoda123

    Aki Isoda123 New Member

    Hinduism allows that all faiths discuss the one God. It does not have ideas like the god of the Egyptians and the god of the Jewish people, which generally indicates that there are many gods. Hinduism says that the god of the Hindus, Egyptians, Jewish people, Christian believers, Muslims, Zorastrians, Aztecs, Mayans, Maoris, etc are all the same God. Hinduism says that all are worshipping the same God differently. Again, one way is not better than the other way. All methods to praise God are approved by God if conducted with trust and commitment.

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