What decides the effectiveness of one’s prayer?

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    The following factors add to the effectiveness of the prayer:

    • Spiritual level of the person praying – the higher the spiritual level, the more effective is their prayer.

    • Quality of prayer - whether the prayer is mechanical, heartfelt, or with spiritual emotion (bhav) from the seeker.

    • For whom is one praying (i.e. whether for self or others) – When we pray for others, the spiritual strength required is much more. The greater the number of people in society intended to be affected by the event, the greater is the spiritual strength required to effect the desired result. Only Saints of a higher order can effect change in society.

    • Ego - Lower ego contributes to the effectiveness of prayer.

    • What prayer posture (mudra) is a person using? This becomes a major factor for the majority of people, as the above factors are lesser in most people.

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