What Does Your Nail Shape Say About Your Personality?

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    From Shape Nails you can easily get personality description of the person, what do you think is it accurate or no ?

    Here's Personality Based on the Shape of Nails Here are some explanations about the person's personality that can be judged from the shape of her nails. True or not anyway?

    Prove yourself.

    Form 1 Short Nails Well, it seems you are the one who has a high curiosity. You include people who are passionate, intuitive and able to think logically. Women with short nails are somewhat conservative, but always dependable.

    2 Shape Nails Short and Wide Still the same with short nails. Wide short nails also have a high curiosity. But people like this are more likely to be a critical and emotional. People are short and wide nails can be a perfectionist.

    3 Shape Nails Width, Length, Round Leads This describes the shape of the nail as a wise person. He is a good thinker and have a reasonable idea. People like this are quite fun to share. They are independent private and romantic.

    4. Leads Tapered Shape Nail Length Nails like this shows the beauty and usually people who have an imaginative figure. His character is quiet and easy going. Woman with nails like this are generally not afraid to try new things.

    5. Shape Small Nails People who have small nail shape is a sensitive person aka taste. In addition to flavorings with the reaction, it is also sensitive to the people around him.

    6 Form bitten nails If you have nails like this, you have less anxiety and better control. It is associated with psychological where you want perfection impulsive.

    What is your nail type and do you agree with the above mentioned points that describe the personality based on shape of nails ?

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