What is friendship according to Panini?

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    As per Panini, it is साप्तपदीनं सख्यम्॥ - A relation accomplished through seven-steps, seven commitments for each other.Marriage is one form of friendship.

    In Atharva Veda, Atharva calls Varuna as his सप्त-पदी मित्र.

    आ ते स्तोत्राण्य् उद्यतानि यन्त्व् अन्तर् विश्वासु मानुषीषु दिक्षु |
    देहि नु मे यन् मे अदत्तो असि युज्यो मे सप्तपदः सखासि ||9||
    समा नौ बन्धुर् वरुण समा जा वेदाहं तद् यन् नाव् एषा समा जा |
    ददामि तद् यत् ते अदत्तो अस्मि युज्यस् ते सप्तपदः सखास्मि ||10||

    Mahabharata also concurs सप्त-पदी friendship. (Vana Parva 260.35, 297.23)

    सप्त-पदी needed to be observe under the witness of Fire, fire of individual, fire of local environment, fire of universe. In Ramayana, Raam and Sugriva friendship was considered Agni-Shakshi friendship)

    so.aham sabhaajyo bandhuunaam suhR^idaam caiva raaghava |
    yasya agni saakSikam mitram labdham raaghava va.mshajam || 4-8-4

    "He who has gained the one born in Raghava-s dynasty as friend, to which sacred fire bore the witness, such a being like me is estimable among his relative, more so among his kind-hearted friends... [Kishkindha Kanda 4-8-4]
    What are seven commitments that you must have with all your best friends (सप्त-पदी friends including wife) ?

    1. ॐ एकमिशे विष्णु: त्वा नयतु ।
    First step for sap or food.

    2. ॐ द्वे उर्जे विष्णु: त्वा नयतु ।
    Second step for strength

    3. ॐ त्रीणि राय्स्पोशाय विष्णु: त्वा नयतु ।
    Third step for vows(vrata)

    4. ॐ चत्वारि मायोभवाय विष्णु: त्वा नयतु ।
    Fourth step for happiness

    5. ॐ पञ्च पशुभ्यो विष्णु: त्वा नयतु ।
    Fifth step for cattle (wealth)

    6. ॐ षड रुतुभ्यों विष्णु: त्वा नयतु ।
    Sixth step for all seasons

    7. ॐ सखे सप्तपदा भव ।
    Seventh step for Hotra(sacrificial rites)

    सखा सप्तपदा भव ।
    सखायौ सप्तपदा बभूव ।
    सख्यं ते गमेयम् ।
    सख्यात् ते मायोषम् ।
    सख्यान्मे मयोष्ठाः ।

    At the end, be my friend for life. You have walked seven steps with me; be my friend. We have walked seven steps together; let us be friends. Let me get your friendship. Let me not part from your friendship. May you not part from my friendship.

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