What is not allowed in Hinduism?

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    As per our natural instincts and human tendency, we tend to concentrate more on what is allowed than what is not allowed. Let's take a peak into what you are not allowed to do if you believe in Hinduism.

    • The most important point- You are prohibited from consuming beef if you are a Hindu as cow is considered as a sacred animal in Hindu religion.
    • Adultery is not at all allowed for female and male.
    • Women are forbidden from entering the temples during the menstruation period.
    • Premarital sex is considered as a sin.
    • Mistreating animals is considered as a sin.
    • Cutting of hair and nails on Saturday is considered inauspicious.
    • Hindus are pure vegetarians as killing of animals in a sin in Hinduism.
    • Person who has consumed non-vegetarian food or alcohol should not enter a temple until and unless, he or she has taken a bath.
    • Wasting food is one of the biggest sins.
    Feel free to add more information as it would be helpful for the community.

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