What is the meaning of worship in Hinduism?

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  1. Sheena4

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    In Hinduism, the significance of worship is offering your prayers, love and respect to god.

    According to Hinduism, the various steps involved in Hinduism are:
    1. Avahana ( Beseech the presence of god in idols or images)
    2. Asana (Offering a place or a seat to god to reside)
    3. Padya and Arghya (Offering water to wash their feet)
    4. Abhishek (Ceremonial bath)
    5. Vastra (Clothing)
    6. Chandana
    7. Pushpa (Offering flowers to god)
    8. Dhupa (Spreading fragrance by burning incense)
    9. Naivedya (Offering food)
    10. Visarajana (The final goodbye)

    For many, it is just a way of achieving inner peace while for others, it is just a way of living up with the society.
  2. Siya Gandhi

    Siya Gandhi New Member

    Very nicely and briefly put.
    Worshipping in today's world has become very artificial. More than attaining inner peace, it has become a practise that is showcased to be a part of the society. For instance, the bhajans and kirtans where vulgar bollywood songs are played in the name of worshipping and god. Just a personal view.
  3. Punit Garg

    Punit Garg New Member

    It means to thank the supreme for all good happened n happens in our life....
    It's about showing our love for the supreme...
    It's not based on rituals but on heart...
    U may worship the way u want
  4. Ranjeet Ex

    Ranjeet Ex New Member

    Only gods can worship a god. It means you have to be one filled with good qualities. That's why we see many rituals and sadhanaas in sanaathana dharma. The goal for all these is to purify everything body, mind, words, deeds etc.

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