What is the significance of OM in Hinduism?

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    OM, or AUM, is the single and most powerful work called Pranava, that represents God in Hinduism.

    According to Hinduism, the regular practice of chanting OM improves breathing capabilities, strengthens a person physically, spiritually and mentally, helps a person achieve inner peace and even helps the young oness in growth during their growing years.

    Please share details of the significance of this word if you may know!
  2. Siya Gandhi

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    There's another view of Hinduism on "OM" or "AUM".

    AUM is regarded as a combination of the three letters, the two vowel sounds of A, and U, and the consonant, M. These three letters are said to represent the three gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

    the letter "A" stands for Vishnu
    the letter "U" stands for Mahesh
    the letter "M" stands for Brahma.
    Thus in the Pranava (AUM) all three lords are present.
  3. Punit Garg

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    It is the greatest mantra. The one syllable that awakens all the chakras in the human body. Om also spelt Aum. This three letter word is the embodiment and representation of the three worlds; earth, atmosphere and the heavens. Just as the tridents it represents Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. The creator, sustainer and destroyer, respectfully. The symbol too has a meaning in how it is drawn. When drawing the Om the first curve that looks like the refelction of a c, represents the conscious awakening of the mind, body and soul (jaagrat like 102.7 Jaagrati). The lower curve, that completes the 3 shape, symbolizes the unconscious state, the deep sleep state. The curve that stretches outward from the 3, which is drawn between the both upper and lower curve signifies the state between consciousness and unconsciousness. Hence why it is drawn between both curves. The curve above that, where the dot is placed, I'm not sure what that one means but the dot however represents the fourth state of consciousness.
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    A- ou- m these 3 make Aum that means the beginning- the living- the moksha. We are all on it. Neither you are a Hindu or not. Every one has the start by born.( a) Your karma is your life ( ou) hat will take you to moksha ( 'm ). Some has a very long ou ( life) to get that. We Hindus know this and chant AUM by every mantra to Come soon there where we have to be. Bramha- Vishnu- Mahesh. HARI AUM.
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    ॐ itself is the great mantra, it occurs in starting of any mantra. During the creation of universe the ॐ sound reverberates. Also it is noted that the sound waves from Sun comes is the ॐ...
    Basically Om is the original bij-mantra. The primal sound from which the universe emanated (shabda-Brahman).
    OM is the sound(vibration) of universe ... it's secret meaning is unknown... it awakens all the chakras in the human body... it is said to be the unity of our trinity (Brahma,Vishnu n Shiva)...it belongs to Param Brahman....it is the way to connect to supreme soul
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