What should we do in the Every Moment of Precious Life ?

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    (1). Have an optimistic and Positive outlook on Life."

    (2). Make the best use of what you Have."

    (3). Have ZEST for Life and keep contact with Good Persons."

    (4). Take mishaps in a Lightened way. It is a waste of time and Energy to blood over the Unhappy."

    (5). Do always cheerful with a smile on your face. Make others Smile. Cut innocent Jokes occasionally as it gives Pep of Life."

    (6). Be contented with what you have as there are always many who have less than what you possess. God distributes & he is always just."

    (7). Think how less your material needs should be."

    (8). Have Patience about the shortcoming of others as no one is Perfect including yourself."

    (9). SHUT your Eyes & Ears to Smell weaknesses of others as you too were| are not Free from them."

    (10). Always Try to adopt yourselves equally well in the company of Old or Young, Poor or Rich."

    (11). Limit voluntarily your presence among youngsters whoever they may be."

    (12). Cultivate varied interest and do not fall to keep on planning for the Future."

    (13). Cultivate absorbing Happy or hobbies which will interest you but will be least troublesome to others."

    (14). Be always engaged with something which is not Harmful to others."

    (15). Be ashamed to do Wrong Things."

    (16). Demonstrate to those around you by your own example the worth of discipline and moral Life."

    (17). Let your Motto be one good turn a day, may be Small or Big."

    (!8). Give advice only when asked for and that in a gentle manner without putting on an air of superiority, then be indifferent whether it is acted upon or not."

    (19). Encourages youngsters to take responsibility and small risk. If something goes wrong, never say,"I TOLD You So" but whisper gently "Be more careful or studious in future" or "Better luck next Time."

    (20). "You may occasionally have to admnister a rebuke to someone, but see that such occasions are few and far between, further do it with a sense of Wit and Humour so that there is no traces of bitter taste or bad feeling Left Behind."

    (21). Walk with case at least two miles either in the morning or in the evening or at both times. Do this with likeable persons."

    (22). Be moderate in everything including Amushements . Eat little each time , but do it at short intervals."

    (23). "When you feel tired, take rest and have plenty of Natural Sleep."

    (24)."Read the works of good & well known Authors as this will give you the pleasure of Good Company."

    (25)."Whenever an opportunity offers itself, try to impress upon willing listeners, teaching of and moral lessons from the lives of good person."

    (26). 'Share with Friends and relatives their Happiness & Sorrow and Try to reciprocate their feelings."

    (27). "Continue to do some of your precious chores and that with good cheer."

    (28). "Make it a point to take time off for concentration of Mind & Chitta (mind stuff, psyche) and prayer, japa, sadhan, Yoga or Meditation and convert it into a REGULAR HABIT."

    (29)."Reduce your dependence on others to the Bare Minimum."

    (3o). " "There must be something behind all Manifestations. think about that consider without Dvaita ( duality) "OM" as its Subtle sound Symbol and chant it with faith, Feelings & emotion."

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