When you enter the location of meditation, please do the following steps.

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    1. Close the door and sit down on floor or chair (sofa). Do not lie down so that you will not sleep! If you sleep, it is no more meditation! Ways of sitting does not matter as long as you don't lie down.
    2. Take off your wristwatch and glasses. Turn off your cell phone or make it silent mode.
    3. Take a few slow and deep breaths.
    4. Look at straight ahead and close your eyes slowly.
    5. Focus on a middle point in between your eyes. There is a third eye (spiritual eye) in the middle point.
    6. Repeatedly say a meaningless word in your mind. This will lead you to deeper meditation. Do not think too much about the meaningless word because anything will work just fine!
    7. When you finish your meditation, open your eyes slowly.
    8. Take a few deep breaths. You may take a glass of water or a cup of tea.
    9. Stretch yourself.

    When you start meditating, you will need to simply observe your mind and soul without judgments or any personal opinions. In other words, you will see your mind and soul just like a third person. Such detaching approach will allow you to discover your spirituality better.

    Also, you must not expect any spiritual moments during the meditation. Some people will see a light during meditations. However, such light could be a beam from automotive headlights! Do not expect anything! Simply try to calm you down, observe yourself as the third person, and see inner-self.

    When you start thinking something else which we call it as noises, you should simply notice the facts that you got noises. If you start thinking about a breakfast, you simply notice, "I am thinking about a breakfast." Once you notice such noises, you just keep meditating. If you have another noises, notice the noises and leave them alone. Do not be influenced by the noises! Having noises during meditations are very normal thing for beginners! Do not try to stop getting the noises because such attempts will take your focus away! Don't worry because you will notice that such noises will be less frequent as you are getting good at meditations.

    Just keep meditating everyday even if you cannot focus or get any spiritual moments. Do not give up until you can focus and your spiritual sensitivity become clear. Meditation is one of the best ways to advance your spirituality. Mastering meditation will make significant spiritual advancement!
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