Who started Hinduism?

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    Hinduism cannot be defined as started by one sage, prophet or saint. The centre of this religion is the God Himself. Therefore, it is considered to be the religion started by the gods. The Hindus believe that the supreme power in Hinduism is Brahma and Lord Krishna is the manifestation of that power. He comes to earth in different incarnations or avatars and controls the balance of wisdom and to diminish evil.

    The words of wisdom that were stated by the saints and sages of Hinduism were compiled in the different religious texts and cannot be attributed one single person. The gradual progress and popularity of the religion has lead to different aspects of Hinduism and they can be distinguished by the people’s following up of different gods and goddess entities.

    This religion did not start as a religion itself. It was a way of life and range of rituals and practices that people followed as a part of their life. It was later that these practices were deemed as a religion that is still followed and believed by most people. However, according to the various texts and scriptures the gods, especially Lord Krishna, who is a manifestation of the supreme power, have always participated in letting the followers know about the wisdom and words of the gods. Reading the religious texts of Hinduism will give you the knowledge of the basic and principles of this religion and how it is related to our lives.

    For the people living on the banks of these rivers the need for a religion was nothing separate and was a part of their being, just as they breathed, they also had a religion. The cause of this need was due to a need for a hope and a kind of dependency on a supreme power that controlled everything. It is almost 6000 years back, that the first texts of Hinduism was formed and is known as the Rig Vedas, which contains all the hymns and rituals of the religion.

    It started with spreading the knowledge of wisdom. However, it is not known who started spreading this wisdom and when it all began. It is believed that wisdom was taught by the gods and goddesses to the wise people then known as the race of Aryans. They came down from the mountainous regions above the Indian Territory known as the Himalayas. When, due to cold, they came down to the plain lands, they started the civilizations along the river Indus.

    Hinduism is the oldest living religion in the world. More than one billion people in the entire world follow this religion. What makes Hinduism as one of the most unique religions in the world is that it is so ancient in comparison to others is that it does not have any known founder. However, the origin of this religion is still unknown and people wonder how it all began that this religion that one can be only born with, but cannot get transformed into this belief.
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    What you state sounds like the Aryan Invasion Theory. Please correct me if I misunderstood you. The AIT has been debunked, based upon archaeology, linguistics, and especially DNA analysis. The AIT states that the "invasion" happened around 1500 BCE, but as you stated, the Vedas date before that.
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