Why can't we concentrate on God?

Discussion in 'General discussion' started by Speechless world, Jan 9, 2016.

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    Mother Devhuti asks his Son, Kapilmuni.

    Why can't we concentrate on God?
    --Because God is 100% pure and our mind is impure, so how can an impure mind concentrate on the purest of all?.

    So how can one purify the impure mind?
    --When the person gets rid from 2 things, mind would turn pure. Aham (Me, I did this and I did that) and the word Mam (Mine, she is mine, he is mine, this is mine and that is mine).

    Our day starts and ends with these 2 mayawi words. Our hate, anger, breaking relationship, ego, attitude, jealousy etc is only because of these 2 words. It is difficult to get rid from these words for a common man so the only way out is. Apply the same words for spirituality rather then material world.

    Krishna is mine, all his creation is mine, the mountains, rivers, sky is mine, all living entity are mine...this attitude would also give us neutral eye and feeling for all his creation, if we respect him, we would respect all his creation and won't hurt anybody, won't damage, even swach Bharat Abhiyan would be taken care of and I am his servant or friend or lover or brother, mother, father etc, built a relationship with God. Our attitude towards these words remains the same but now the polluted feelings purifies . Later these words won't get us closer to maya but closer to Krishna.

    ||HaRe KrIshna||
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    It’s important to remember that even when we forget God, He never forgets us! He knows what’s happening to us every moment of the day, and He also watches over us.
    Develop the habit of constant prayer. When you meet someone new, utter a silent prayer for them. When you learn about a problem someone is having, pray for them. When someone tries your patience, pray for them.
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    As long as you have thoughts and you are attached to them as a real experience you will have a hard time concentrating on God. God is an english word which can not explain the complexity of Bhagawan. The second problem is God is beyond pure and impure, perhaps a study of Shiva Puranas can help.


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