Why no Janehu/Upanayanam for women?

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    why the Janehu/Upanayanam ceremony for the Sacred thread/Yagnopavitam is performed only for male children, and not for females...

    One thing that every woman loves is jewellery. You can see it all over them, from head to toe. Women love to wear ornate pieces of jewellery, and this is especially true in the Indian subcontinent.
    Now, if you observe keenly, the traditional jewellery that adorn a woman's ear consist not only the basic earrings, but also other pieces that are worn on different parts of the ear. This can be noticed during any important family function/festival/occasion, where it seems as if every lady tries to outdo the other by being elaborately dressed..:p
    applying pressure on our ears has an effect on the pituitary gland, which in turn facilitates the functioning of the urinary system.

    So, even with the basic earrings, there is a certain effect on the urinary system, and it is more dominant when we take into account all the other jewellery on the other parts of the ear.

    This is why there is no need of having the sacred thread/Yagnopavitam, as earrings and other pieces of jewellery on the ear carry out the same function.

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