Why should I believe Vedas?

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    All of us are blessed with five gnana indriyas (sense organs) for gaining knowledge of objects and things of the world. Each one reveals one sensory object. Eyes for colours and forms, ears for sound, tongue for taste, skin for touch and nose for smell.

    Further, each organ is unique for that sensory property. What eyes reveal cannot be proved by any other organ. If a blind man says he will not believe what is known as a colour unless it is proven by say by ears or nose, he will be forever ignorant of the fact that such a thing known as colour exists.

    Now, the Sastras say that there is a God who is not accessible to any of these sense organs, but can be perceived and recognized by its teachings. So if one likes to know about God, the Creation, the relationship between God and Man and the World, what other means do we have? And we all know that Science which is based on the observations of the five sense organs alone cannot talk about God who is beyond all senses. If one says I will not believe in God unless it is proved by science, who is the loser, like the blind man who wants a proof through the other organs loses knowledge about existence of colours.

    Even scientists agree that they have no idea what existed before “Big Bang”, and what it will be after “Big Crunch”. I understand that they are now coming to the proposition “Theory of Everything (TOE)”, but have not yet come to any conclusion. Interestingly many of the finding of science have not stood the test of time. Ozone Hole, Drive for protection of Environment are known things to a common man. Many discoveries of the past have been disproved by later scientists. How many drugs invented earlier have not been banned now! But the Sastras have stood the test of time, and its revelations have not been contradicted. And Science has no means of approving or disproving Sastrass.

    so let it be clear that Veda is Like the sixth sense Organ through which alone we come to know about God and how to get permanent Security, Peace and Happiness.

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