Why Visit Temples ?

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    The god is omnipresent, then how one should worship the God to get his grace. The most important factor of Hindu worship is the visit to the temple daily or occasionally. The divinity is seen in the form of idols and so they are worshiped through abhishekam, alankaram, naivedyam, arati and many other upacharas.

    The temples are built for the same purpose to focus the power of the lord in a concentrated idol. They are the unifying force and various rituals are performed in them to invoke the Almighty’s blessings for the welfare of the entire humanity. There are many temples and the idols are installed in the temple with the divinity infused into them so that they have sanctity for worshiping.

    The Hindu temples to worship have two types of noises such as the ringing of bells or the musical instruments like Nadaswaram and the recitation of mantras. The bells in temple are kept to rung, so that the evil spirits will go away from the temple premises.

    The God is considered to be the Rajadiraja or the king of kings; so many upacharas such as Umbrella, Chamara, Musical instruments, and Vahana are kept their to serve the God.

    The Temples increase the devotion of a person and helps him to overcome from the sufferings. The Saguna worship gives peace of mind because there is a Chaitanya in the idol of the temple.

    The Hindu temples are built with some kind of sanctity and each temple has a history behind it. The divinity of the temple are nourished through regular Poojas and temple rituals. The innermost sanctuary of the temple contains the principal Idol of the deity. The character of each shrine is determined by the deity being worshiped. In all Hindu shrines the worshipers move clockwise around the central image before approaching the god. Near the sanctum sanctum, the worshipers can have the Darshan of the deity. If there are offerings, they are submitted to the god.

    The priest swings the oil lamps, ring the bell and worship the deity with flowers, sandel paste, kumkum etc. The Karpura aarathi is performed to the deity.

    The holy water is given to the worshipers along with kumkum and other things as Prasadam.

    The Pradakshina in temples will comprise of minimum of five rounds.

    Temple offers us so many things Like.

    It is said that God lives in faith. Temple is a place where people believe that God exists. It is the reason why God manifests Himself in temples for the sake of his devotees. Some temples attract large number of devotees and miracles of those temples are widely talked about.

    A temple is not a place to go to worship but it also a place of learning about the religion, language, culture, about morals, i.e. what are Do’s and what are Don’t, and how we behave in order to live healthy and happy life.

    A temple is a place where we will experience great happiness, and we can go there when we feel sad and needs to get comfort from God, we get together and work together to help others, acquires a strength to face a Life truths in forthcoming period.

    A temple is the place where a devotee tries to remain free from the evil of birth, death old age, disease and entanglement with children, wife, home and the rest of the world. The main motive is to worship the God and every other thing becomes unimportant.

    People also go to the temples for astrological remedies . Astrologers suggest some specific Puja based on the horoscope of an individual for Graha Shanti (worship for a planet) or doing remedies for any specific Dosha (affliction) in the horoscope. It is easy to do such remedies in a temple.

    The Temple is the place where one must approach with humility, without pride, tolerance, simplicity, self control, renunciation of the objects of sense gratification and steadiness

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