What is the Hindu concept of enlightenment?

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    According to Hinduism, enlightenment or complete moksha is the very basic principle for the Hindu religion. Hinduism has always differed from the other religions in terms of its principles and where it mostly differs from other religious ideas is the concept of enlightenment.

    To clearly define what enlightenment is, the concept of Brahman needs to be understood at first. According to the Hindu belief, the creation itself is created by the Gods and ‘is’ the God. Hence, everything the lives or does not live, has the Creator within. This inner soul of every individual is thus the manifestation of the Brahman that can also be called the atman.

    This Atman does not get dismantled. Depending on the Karma of an individual, people will have to encounter the consequences. And if one does not have a good spiritual conduct and services throughout a life, his soul will not be liberated. The individual will have to be born again. This concept of being reborn s a unique one and is exclusively associated with Hinduism. And it is from this that the concept of enlightenment comes in.

    Enlightenment is the process through which one can attain liberation of the soul. Although many people consider that blessings from the enlightened people, or those, who have attained their spiritual liberation is useful; the fact is otherwise. Blessings are always beneficial for every soul, but mere blessings with no following up of the spiritual path throughout the life can help you to attain enlightenment. The only way to acquire enlightenment is by travelling through the path of spirituality.

    To clarify what this path of spirituality is, one has to go deep down into the words of Bhagavad Gita. This is the holy text of the Hindus in which the concept of wisdom has been thoroughly discussed. That is why; the path to spirituality can also be found and attained through the readings and teachings of Bhagavad Gita.

    Hinduism stresses on the fact that the concept of enlightenment is closely associated with self realization. The moment one can feel the true self of God and can encounter God on a one-on-one basis, will be the moment of truth for the individual. It will be that moment that can be deemed as the moment of attaining enlightenment. However, this path of enlightenment is the one that takes a long time to reach the final destination and cannot be acquired in a short span.

    However, once enlightenment has been achieved, an individual can attain the path of peace and being at peace with one’s own self. Achieving enlightenment will make sure that there is no need for the soul or Atman to be born on earth again. The soul will reach moksha or be liberated from all worldly possessions and pulls. Therefore, the individual will be considered to have attained the path of enlightenment. Reading Gita and practicing meditation, following the path of wisdom are the possible ways to achieve this enlightenment.

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